Happy Media
Executive Summary

What problem does Happy Media solve?

For years, budgets have bought expensive, poorly produced and inefficient video products. Millions of dollars spent each year in the advertising, communications and marketing sector. Video that does not achieve the intended goal. Video that never reaches the appropriate audience. Video made for profit, not purpose. If video (poorly made) is never played,  to what end was that money spent?

Happy Media solves client problems in this space by increasing spend efficiency in production. The videos we make are to the highest standards that your budget allows for. It also ensures campaign efficacy so that your business story works for you as hard as you do for it.  

Second to this business solution, we also see a lack of youth employment as an opportunity. Thousands of budding film-makers are waiting for a free and fair marketplace. Happy Media lobbies (through its networks) to contribute to this vision. This is the vision for a free-data and africanised film industry in South Africa.  By growing a business we can create 50 jobs. By building a sector we can create 100 000 jobs.

We will solve your immediate business problems. We will see our mission for youth empowerment realised.

Every name you see when the credits roll on your favourite Netflix show is a job for someone. Think about that the next time you skip the credits. And realise that with your support we could build a sector worth 100 000 jobs in Mzansi (South Africa).

How does Happy Media solve the problem?

Happy Media was one of the first Specialised Video Agency’s in Africa. An agency that not only creates your video, but:

Asks and enables you to answer the questions, "What strategic need does my video have? WHY are we making it?"
Workshops the video based on your buyer personas.
Honours your CI/Brand guidelines.
Brings the magic, experience and specialisation of broadcast psychology to your business video.
Brings the magic of Happy Media to your broadcast video.

Our model asks, "What must your video achieve for you in your market place?" then, aims to achieve it with minimal expenditure waste. It’s a model we’ve developed over years of experience, success and research in the commercial video space. Our model is ready to scale. The goal of this scaling is to provide economies of scale value to our customer.

To create growth (whether as a business or as a sector driver) is to create employment. This is our vision.

Do we have a large and growing market opportunity?

Yes! Statistics of how video is exploding are available on many successful advertising and business content platforms. One of those is Forbes. In forbes.com's  ‘state of video marketing’ update the following facts are published.  

More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day
More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major US television networks have created in 30 years
By 2021, a million minutes (17,000 hours) of video content will cross global IP networks every, single second
Did you know that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video? This fact alone should encourage you to consider adding video to your marketing.
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text?

The size of the potential market means that capacity, when lined up with our business model, we will be well suited to capture a good percentage of an incredibly large market. Your target market.

According to Forbes, video marketing in the USA alone was worth $135 Billion in 2018. By offering a one-stop-video-shop through our Happy Media Video Agency we can take control of entire corporate video and advertising budget line items. In fact, entire marketing budgets can be spent on effective video marketing. It Saves money for the client when produced in an affordable and honest manner.

Based on the prospective growth of the video industry globally, we feel it is time that businesses take on a specialised agency in the field of video. The requirement for excellence in the medium means a traditional agency can’t offer the expertise we know is vital for market-leading success.

How do we end wasteful expenditure for our clients?

We deal direct with you, our clients, from strategy to production to campaign. We are able to offer greatly improved rates compared to creating a video through a traditional agency. Secondly, as we are fit-for-purpose in the space of video we can operate on a level of specialisation unavailable from the broader offerings of traditional service providers. We are fast, efficient and magical. By performing  in-house we negate the need for expensive outsourcing models and labour-broking traditionally exercised by agencies. Less money is spent on markup and after a client has spent money on research and production they will also receive data and reporting to show that their placement spend is working for them. In effect we research, create and serve. We ensure all clients that utilise our three stage model will receive powerful metrics and reporting in line with their campaign performance.

Investment Gains for Video

Increased Brand Awareness
Increased Sales
Revenue Generation

Investment Costs for Video

Campaign research
Cost of producing the content
Paid distribution costs
Campaign management

Return-On-Investment from Video

Increase in brand awareness
Boosting sales
Improved conversion rates
Educating an audience
Changing employee behaviour
Subscription Revenue

Distribution Strategy

3-Stage Model:
Step 1: Research the market through all available data points.
Step 2: World class producers create a world class video product in line with research and intended platform.
Step 3: Placement of video on intended platforms to reach right audience at right time.

After Sales Service:
Suggested narrative adjustment based on research data.
Play rate Average engagement Click-through rate Placement
Provide Clientele with video metrics, analytics and reporting

Value Proposition

We've done more than our 10 000 hours. Every video we make has been to perfect the art of the most powerful medium in modern marketing. Video that goes beyond the realms of traditional video production companies. We are a modern video agency. That is, an agency focused on video, across the medium’s entire life-cycle.

We do not ask “What video do you want to make?” Instead we ask “What do you want your video to achieve in the market place?”
We understand your strategic goals. We create and serve your video for the right markets. Video that works for you while you sleep. Pixel perfect; placed in front of the right audience at the right time. Drive your conversion rates and lead generation with us.

We turn your video content into raw marketing power. Business, broadcast-platform or brand.  Are you trying to generate leads, extend your reach or, communicate with stakeholders? Every video we make has a purpose for the right audience at the right time.
We’re confident to find the perfect video solution for you. You shouldn't lie awake at night wondering whether the right people are  saw your video.

We’re at a pivotal time for content representation in business. Those who snooze, will lose.
Happy Media aims to be the enabler in the fastest growing sector of content in the world: video.