Video Health Check

In a single day consultation we’ll come to you and audit the state and health of your current video eco-system. Then we provide you with a full health report.


Get the best CPM

When last did you take an in-depth look at your total marketing eco-system?

Do you have a graphical representation of it? Something that may look like this?
It can be a daunting task. It's also a priceless task. Without your marketing eco-system map, making decisions is harder. Without an audited list (sign-ins, spend-per-platform, audience-per-platform) you're playing with fire.

With it, you can then begin to think about CPM, CPC, impressions or keywords clearly.

∙ Are you using a standard keyword strategy or are you making sure you're running A/B campaigns?

∙ Are you shifting your keywords as you move from Adwords to YouTube?

∙ Are you boosting and hoping and calling it results?

∙ Do you know the global and local CPM goals of each platform?

∙ In your team, do you know who is doing what and where?

∙ Is your brand carried solid and true across the landscape?  

When Happy Media takes a look at your video-marketing eco-system it's with eyes that have seen it all. We look at CPC/CPM percentages, traffic sources, campaign efficacy and eco-system structure. We ensure brand is being upheld. We offer advice on how to get it humming.

It advises everything a video strategy needs. And if it isn't done first, you may as well be flying blindfolded.

Let us help you. We will:

∙ Design you a video marketing eco-system map.
∙ Give you a shortlist of where your current blind spots and opportunities sit.
∙ Devise a plan-of-spend where the cost of video doesn't stop you from marketing that video.  

Here's to achieving great CPM campaigns with you!

We ❤️ video

Happy Media enthusiastically serves a wide range of clients specifically in the marketing and broadcast video space. We make and manage exceptional video campaigns that drive large amounts of traffic at benchmark-obliterating CPC averages.

Stay top of mind

There is no greater way to build true brand recognition than with video campaigns. You can get yourself in front of the billions of people watching YouTube each day or target your campaigns to a specific geographic region like a town or a city. We also provide you with Facebook and Whatsapp ready video so you can share to your heart's content.

Generate traffic

We consistently obliterate YouTube's Global Cost-Per-Click benchmarks because we control the whole process from creation to campaign. No outsourcing nightmares here. Just value for money marketing. We've got a list of case studies to prove that we get your videos seen by thousands of people weekly. We serve your videos on the right networks to the right people and get them engaging your brand and its message.


Want to earn while you sleep? Video-on-demand? Over-the-top video services? No problem. Whether you're an aspiring film maker or a yoga instructor, we can make and sell your story on demand. We produce the content, build the platform and manage its advertising and marketing. Now you can be everywhere, all at once, 24 hours a day. Boom!

Expertise & Experience

Video marketing is a necessity in today's marketplace.
We offer end-to-end expertise built on actual results and proven experience.

We ensure your video marketing investment is maximised from concept to campaign management.